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How Vision Works. The function of the eye is similar to a camera. A camera creates images by focusing on an object and allowing specific amounts of light to pass through a hole to create a visual impression on film. The eye functions in much the same way. Common eye problems include Astigmatism, Farsightedness, Nearsightedness and Presbyopia.


People often confuse farsightedness with another condition called presbyopia, which occurs as a normal result of aging. Presbyopia affects most of those over the age of 40 and all over the age of 51, as the aging process affects the eyes' natural ability to bring near objects into focus.

Presbyopia occurs when the lens inside the eye loses flexibility, preventing accurate focusing on objects that are up close. People with this condition may experience eye fatigue when reading in poor lighting or at the end of the day, trouble changing the focus from distance to near, or the need to constantly reposition reading material in an attempt to find the right focus.

This condition affects people with good vision or myopia (nearsightedness), but is more problematic for those who are hyperopic (farsighted). Prior to becoming presbyopic, hyperopes were able to naturally accommodate to bring things into focus at any distance. Suddenly, after ... Read More

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